July 29, 2018

Sabudana Chivda - Vrat ka chiwda (Upwas Special)

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Sabudana Chivda is a famous Maharashtrian snack prepared using Sago Pearls / Jawwarsi  .
A snack used primarily during the days of fast like Navratri , Ekadashi etc . 

Faraali Pattice  and Sabudana Vada are other popular snacks which are also a Vrat Special Menu

We use Nylon Sabudana for this chivda which is different from the usual Sabudana that is used for preparing Sabudana Vada / Sabudana Khichdi.  Since, this is a special snack used during fasting we use Rock Salt / Shendha Namak and Green chillies .

Normal days we can use regular table salt and also red chilly powder for extra spiceness.

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 20-25 mins
Complexity : Medium


Nylon Sabudana

100gms nylon sabudana
handful of groundnuts
2-3 green chillies (finely chopped)
handful of curry leaves
rock salt / table salt as needed
1 tsp powdered sugar
oil for deep frying


Heat oil in a kadai ,and carefully drop a handful of sabudana into the hot oil . The pearls will tend to splutter and burst as it begins to fry , so close the frying pan with a lid and leave a gap for steam to escape.
As the spluttering stops, you can see that the pearls have swollen up well and appear crispy like popcorns. Drain and keep it in a wide bowl.

Fry the groundnuts until crisp followed by the curry leaves and green chillies . Mix it with the fried sabudana . Add required amount of salt and sugar and toss it well.

Store in an airtight container and use a dry spoon for serving.

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  1. Very nice snack for fasting days. It must be tasting like sabudana fryums.

  2. Inspite of all that spluttering, I will make this anyday! it is one of the most addictive snack I have tried. I just need some chai to go with it.

  3. Would very much love to make this sabudana chivda for the Navratras. Will use rock salt instead of table salt. Nice post.

  4. I have all the ingredients at home, will make it. It makes a great snack, good to have the recipe.

  5. Spluttering is good, as the unspluttered (I hope that is a word) sabudana you cannot eat. This is onechivda that the girls love and make often. I love yours tip of covering the pan.


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