July 19, 2018

Faraali Pattice - Vrat ka khana

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Faraali pattice is a very popular Gujarati snack ,specially made for fasting / Vrat . The main ingredient is potato and this is stuffed with a tasty mixture of peanuts, cashews , raisins and fresh grated coconut.

Not necessarily, this has to be made only while you fast, it can be made as a starter to welcome your guests for a party or tea time snack  for a kitty party with your friends and because of the favorite veggie Potato, this surely will be a kid's delight always and will vanish away in no time.

If making this for vrat, make sure to use Shendha Namak / Rock Salt and ArrowRoot powder as binding agent .
On regular days one can use table salt and cornflour/maida for binding.

Preparation Time : 40-45 mins
Cooking Time : 15-20 mins
Serves : Makes about 8 pattice
Complexity : Medium High

2-3 medium sized potatoes - boiled and peeled
4-5 tablespoons of fresh grated coconut
handful of peanuts
few cashew nuts (7-8)
few raisins (optional) - I did not use in this recipe.
1-2 green chillies
salt to taste
pinch of sugar
2-3 tablespoon arrowroot powder / maida/ cornflour
oil to deep fry

Roast the peanuts or m/wave for about 45 sec and remove the skin once it cools down . Dry roast the cashews and keep aside

Using a blender, coarsely grind the peanuts, cashews and green chillies .

Mix the fresh grated coconut, salt, sugar and the peanut mixture well to form a nice stuffing.Add the raisins at this stage if you are using . finely chopped coriander can also be added . Some people tell me corriander is not used during fast while some say it is permitted, so please suit your needs.

Mash the cooled potatoes finely without any lumps,add the arrow root / cornflour / maida to this potato with a little salt and knead it well to form a soft dough.

Pinch out a small portion off the potato,make a depression in the center, fill it with the coconut peanut mixture and seal the edges and make a crack free round ball . Dust it with some cornflour/ arrowroot/ maida and keep aside . Repeat for the entire potato dough .
Refrigerate these balls/ pattice for about 20 mins.

Heat oil and slowly drop these pattice into the oil one by one and fry it on medium flame . Ensure that you keep splashing oil over the pattice and keep flipping at intervals to avoid burning or excess browning off the pattice.

Once they turn, crisp and golden brown, drain it and remove carefully. Serve hot with Khatta Meetha Imli Chutney  . If making it for vrat, serve with sweetened curd.

Khatta Meetha Chutney

8-10 dates - remove the seed or use seedless
lemon sized tamarind
2-3 tablespoon powdered jaggery
1-2 tsp roasted jeera powder
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
pinch of salt.


  • In a big vessel, add the dates and tamarind with 1/2 cup water and bring to a boil for 5 mins. Let it cool well.
  • Put them in a blender and grind it well and sieve it through a strainer.
  • To this thick extract, add the jaggery , red chilli powder,salt,jeera powder and about  1 cup water and bring it to a slight boil .
  • Dilute the concentrate same as you would do for the theekha paani and use it for making the pani puris.
  • Once it cools down, you can refrigerate this paani.


  1. OMG! its been ages since I made pattice like these. These delicious vrat ka khana was the reason we fasted! Thanks a lot I am going to make some for hubby on the 14th he will be pleased.

  2. This is what we use to make often for my father in law as he loved pattice stuffed with nuts and coconut. Haven't made them in a long time, tempted to do so for Shivratri. Usually for fasting days we don't use cornflour or maida so we usually add rajgira, arrowroot or singhada atta.

  3. Farali pattice sounds so yumm with that nut and coconut filling. Will make it as a snack sometime.

  4. Vrat or no vrat, am game to enjoy this everyday. engalukku saapadu than mukhiyam, illiya :p - Kalyani


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