January 24, 2022

Avarekaalu Mixture | Hyacinth Bean Crispies

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 Avarekaalu Mixture is a speciality of Karnataka prepared by deep frying fresh hyacinth beans /avarekaalu . This tea time snack is very  very addictive and pairs well with piping hot filter coffee or Masala Tea .  

Fresh Avarekaalu is a delicacy and people's favorite in karnataka and is widely used in many recipes during the winter season.  I have tasted this yummy mixture in many occasions and from then it has been on my mind to try it at home .

Avarekaalu Akki roti , Avarekaalu Uppit are 2 of my favorites made from fresh hyacinth beans which are a must have in the season atleast couple of times .

This time around I got some really fresh and tender hyacinth beans and the weather was also just perfect to prepare and munch on.

There is no particular or hard and fast recipe to prepare this mixture, its purely eye ball measures and ingredients of your choice.  

Only one thing we need to take care is to soak the fresh avarekaalu for about 3 to 4 hrs in water and peel the outer skin before making the mixture. This is called Hithkidha Avarekaalu .

How to prepare Hithkidha Avarekaalu /Hithkidha Avarebele ? 

Soak the freshly peeled avarekaalu from the pods in a wide bowl containing water for 4 t 5 hours. Drain the water and press the beans between your fingers lightly and viola,the skin just comes off . Discard the skin and spread the peeled beans on a wide tray or on a cotton muslin cloth for the moisture to be absorbed before making the mixture. 

Preparation Time - 4 to 5 hrs

Frying time - 20 mins

Complexity - medium 


1.5 cups hithkidha avarebele
1/4 cup groundnuts
3 to 4 tbsp roasted gram /hurigadle/pottu kadlai
1/2 cup thick poha /avlakki/aval 
1 cup raw corn flakes /makai poha 
Fresh curry leaves 
1/2 tsp turmeric
1 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp powdered sugar 
Salt as needed
Pinch of asafoetida 
Oil to deep fry


  • Heat oil a deep kadai /wok .
  • First add the hithikdha avarebele and fry until it turns crisp and moisture free. Initially while frying ,it will remain at the bottom of the kadai and as the frying continues the avarebele will start floating on top . Once all the avarebele start floating on top,the oil will stop hissing and sizzling.  This indicates that the avarebele are fried well ..drain the slowly onto a colander .
  • Next fry the peanuts until crisp and golden brown followed by the roasted gram and curry leaves .
  • Fry the makai poha till they turn crisp and fluffy. 
  • Lastly fry the avlakki and drain it out .
  • In a wide mixing bowl,gently toss all these fried ingredients along with turmeric, chilli powder, salt,asafoetida, powdered sugar .
  • Delicious avarebele mixture is ready to be enjoyed !

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  1. Mixture sounds so delicious and perfect for evening time snack with chai. never thought we could use the beans this way also. I love will to try this soon.

  2. A fried Mixture with fresh Hyacinth beans sounds interesting to me ! A new recipe but I am sure it is full of flavors. Would love giving it a try.

  3. We love Avarekalu mixture. Home made mixture with fresh avarekalu is the best. Guilt free snack to enjoy with some filter coffee . You have tempted me to make it again Priya. Lovely share.

  4. Avarekalu is an emotion in Bangalore. 😊 Love this crunchy mixture you have prepared using avarekalu beans. Would be just perfect with a cup of chai.

  5. Mixture sounds so crunchy and delicious. Perfect for munching time. I would love to have it plateful as teatime snack.


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