March 19, 2022

Black Grapes Lemonade | Black grapes Juice

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 Freshly pressed black grape Juice at home is very hygienic and free of preservatives or artificial colors.

Black grapes have a lot of antioxidant properties and a good source of minerals and vitamins.Black grapes when consumed regularly help in lowering cholesterol and also aids digestion, thus improving metabolic activity of the body. 

Black Grape Juice tastes good with lemon ,ginger and even mint leaves added to it . Do check out the tasty Green Grapes Lemonade that I prepared a few days ago . You can add club soda for the extra zing instead of water. 

Making grape Juice at home is very easy . Only care to be taken is that you should wash the grapes  multiple times to remove the pesticides and any other impurities that may be on the fruit . 

We like grape Juice just with a hint of lemon or plain . Today's recipe is simple black grape Juice pressed with some lemon,sugar and salt for flavor. 

How to clean grapes ?

Remove the grapes from the stem and soak them in a huge bowl of water with a little salt for 10 mins . Any rotten grapes if you see,remove it before soaking. 

After 10 mins rinse it gently and discard the salt water and wash it 2 or 3 times in fresh water until the water appears clean . Now the grapes are ready for consumption. 

Preparation Time - 10 mins
Cooking Time - Nil 
Complexity - easy 
Makes 2 to 3 glasses 


150 gms black grapes
1 tbsp lime juice 
1/4 tsp salt 
3 to 4 tbsp powdered sugar 
3 glasses chilled water 
Ice cubes 


  • Wash the grapes properly and add it to a blender with 1/2 cup water.
  • Blend the grapes until it turns pulpy. Pass the grape pulp through a strainer and press the juice into a deep bowl.
  • Add lemon juice,sugar,salt ,remaining chilled water and stir it thoroughly. 
  • Add some ice cubes in the serving glass and pour the grape Juice. Serve chilled . You can garnish with fresh mint leaves if you like .

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  1. Nice and refreshing grape juice. Now is the time to enjoy a variety of juices.

  2. Black Grapes Lemonade looks so tempting. Healthy, cooling and so easy to make. I miss the Indian black grapes.

  3. 🙂🙂🙂🥰 this black grapes lemonade takes me back to childhood. Was much favorite now I prefer the grapes juice fermented but I do indulge in grape lemonade. Looks awesome.

  4. Love the color and love the way you have rimmed the glass. It is a new idea for me.

  5. growing up, the blr black grapes used to be super tart. Preferred the hyderabadi green angoor, but this lemonade looks refreshing!


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