March 11, 2022

Classic Lemonade | Nimbu Paani | Lemon Sharbat

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 Lemonade is a quintessential summer drink . Sour ,sweet and tart it is the best thirst quencher on a hot day . So get out your flip flops , sun glasses and sunscreen lotions to enjoy this cool and classic Lemonade 

As simple as it may sound, it is the best source of hydration for scorching heat . A cool and tall glass of lemonade is enough to give you instant energy as soon as you come from outside in summers. Loaded with vit C limbu paani is a power house of energy. 

Today we shall see the recipe for basic lemonade or nimbu paani a.k.a nimbu sharbat as we call it in India . Translating loosely Nimbu /Limbu is lemon in Hindi and Paani stands for water . Sharbat or Sarbat is a local term used for juices or fruit drinks .

We can very well make this lemonade in large quantity and refrigerate it in a glass pitcher. This helps the lemonade to remain cool while serving for a large crowd .

Add some lemon wedges in the pitcher while storing it.  The lemon wedges give a nice and refreshing taste to the drink .  There is another variation of lemon juice where we can add some mint leaves , black salt and pepper to make it a little spicy ,that recipe I shall share soon .

Lemons are available in plenty and very cheap during summers hence it makes it a very very affordable drink . In India,  we can find hand carts all over the highway and main roads ,where the sellers sell fresh lemonade during summer which is a boon for travelers and truck drivers  to beat the heat  during travel .

Preparation Time - 10 mins
Cooking Time - nil 
Complexity - easy 
Makes 3 to 4 glasses 


2 to 3 medium sized lemons
1 cup powdered sugar 
1/2 tsp salt 
3 - 4 glasses chilled water
Some ice cubes 


  • Roll the lemons on a hard surface using your palm to soften the lemon or microwave the lemons for 10 sec .This will help in getting maximum juice from the lemons. 
  • In a wide  mixing vessel, squeeze out the lemons using a squeezer  .
  • Add the chilled water ,sugar and salt.  Mix it well . Adjust sugar if needed .
  • Pour into Serving glasses and top it with ice and serve chilled .

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  1. Priya, growing up Nimbu paani was not a common drink for us as Nairobi generally is a very cool place. The first time I tasted it was in the midst of the scorching summer in Ahmedabad and fell in love with the drink immediately. Your Nimbu Paani clicks are a reminder that I should make it as soon as the temperatures are a bit warmer. Love the idea of using powdered sugar as I normally use normal sugar.

    1. I always thought Nairobi was a warm place like India. We love nimbu paani at home and I keep powdered sugar handy as it dissolves quickly and doesn't involve too much stirring.

  2. Priya I make a concentrate and freeze my nimbu pani. My place the lemons are not upto the mark. Plus the girls are home! Love the idea of adding powdered sugar.

  3. Hot afternoons and nimbupani is just something that I love to do when I am at my mums. The nimbu pani is something so classic, I am so glad you posted ut.


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