March 07, 2022

Carrot Rice - Quick lunch box recipe (Vegan & GF)

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Carrot rice is a very healthy and delicious flavored rice and perfect for carrying as a lunch option for kids as well as adults.  This rice is mildly spiced and also there is a subtle hint of sweetness from the grated carrots . We can also add cashews, groundnuts, peas or boiled sweet corn while preparing the carrot masala making it all the more tasty ,healthy and delicious. 

Carrot rice is very simple to make and gets done in less than 15 mins if we have cooked rice ready on hand . If you have to pack an early lunch, you can precook the rice previous night, prepare the carrot masala and in the morning and just mix it with rice ,viola you are lunch box is ready in a jiffy! 

Serve it with some papads and flavored dahi seasoned with some roasted jeera powder or even goes well even with Boondi Raita . To make it even more sumptuous,  you can pack some carrot fries too. (recipe courtesy- Magical Ingredients by Radha R ) 

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Preparation Time - 10 mins
Cooking Time - 15 mins
Complexity - Simple 
Serves - 2 to 3


1.5 cups cooked rice. 
2.5 cups grated carrots 
Handful of boiled sweet corn
Handful of green peas 
2 tbsp groundnuts 
few curry leaves 
1-2 dry red chillies 
1 tsp mustard seeds
2 tbsp vangi Baath masala 
1 tsp turmeric powder 
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp rasam powder
4 tbsp oil 
Salt as needed 


  • Heat the oil in a thick bottomed pan fry the ground nuts followed  by  mustard seeds ,curry leaves , red chillies and asafoetida. 
  • Add the grated carrots ,turmeric powder , red chilli powder and saute it  nicely.  Sprinkle some water and cook covered for 2 mins on medium flame. 
  • Open after 2 mins ,the carrots would have become soft and semi cooked,at this stage add the rasam powder, vangi Baath powder ,salt and mix well . Continue closed cooking for another 2 mins.
  • Open the lid ,add the boiled corn , peas and mix it nicely.  By now the carrots would have cooked well and become soft.  The masala for the Rice is ready now . 
  • Add the cooked rice and carefully mix it with the carrot masala taking care not to break the rice..adjust salt if needed at this stage . Keep the rice covered for 5 to 10 mins for the flavors to steep in well with the rice .you can also add some roasted cashews just before serving. 
  • Serve with chilled dahi and papads .

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  1. Priya, I have thought of making a rice dish with lots of carrot. This is for sure a really delicious looking carrot rice. A wonderful way too get kids to enjoy veggie loaded rice. Am sure my granddaughter will love this as she is a rice eater. Sharing this recipe with my son so he can make it for her.

  2. Priya this is one of the most delicious rice recipes I have come across. Carrots rice is sure on the menu now.

  3. Carrot rice looks so inviting Priya. Adding Vangi baath masala and rasam powder must be made this rice flavorful. A perfect one pot meal.

  4. Love this simple and delicious carrot rice. So filling and nutritious. Even I add vangibath masala and Rasam powder.Perfect one pot meal .

  5. This is a quick and easy comforting meal! Love the flavor profile!

  6. Made this carrot rice for the lunch box today. It looks and smells so good. It was also so easy to make under a time crunch.

  7. I love how you have made this carrot rice with corn, vangi bath powder and green peas. Sounds absolutely delicious! We make carrot rice quite differently. Would love to try out your version next time.


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