March 15, 2022

Rose Thandai - Holi Special ( रोस ठंडाई)

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  Thandai (ठंडाई) is a very special cold drink made in North India during Maha Shivratri and Holi .Thandai is also known by the name as Sardai .

Thandai is a milk based drink which comes in various flavors like kesar -badam , rose ,mango and the latest being Chocolate thandai . 

Various condiments ,dry fruits and spices are roasted and ground to a fine powder or paste which is then mixed in milk along with sugar in the right proportion and then served  chilled .

There are various ways in which thandai can be made and you can decide what goes into the thandai mixture depending on your likes .

I have kept the essence of fennel very mild as it would cut the taste of the rose flavor which is the Star of this thandai . Also,the condiments and spices used in this recipe will be easily available in everyone's kitchen and you can easily manage to prepare a lipsmacking thandai in no time. 

I have used concentrated rose syrup in my thandai as I didn't have an access to edible rose petals and I don't want to risk using any other rose petals. You can also add a spoon of gulkand while blending for added taste and flavor. Using sabja seeds or chia seeds is  purely optional. 

Preparation Time - 10 mins

Cooking Time - nil

Serves - 3 to 4 glasses

Complexity- easy 


8 to 10 almonds / badam
7 to 8 pistas /pistachios
1/2 tsp fennel/saunf seeds 
2 cardamoms
Few pepper corns 
3 tablespoons rose syrup 
2 - 3 tbsp Sugar or as needed
3 cups of boiled and cooled milk 
Few strands of saffron
1 tsp chia / sabja seeds soaked in water 


  • In a pan dry roast the badam,pista , fennel, pepper ,cardamom until it feels warm. Cool it for a few minutes and make a fine powder in pulse mode . Don't run the blender for long as the nuts will release oil making the powder sticky.
  • In a juice jar ,add this thandai powder ,sugar and 1 cup milk and blend to a fine paste .
  • Add the remaining milk ,rose syrup and give it a quick blend .
  • Pour it into a jug and refrigerate until you serve. 

Serving suggestions 

Add 1/2 tsp of soaked sabja /chia seeds in a glass ,pour the thandai and top it with some chopped nuts and few saffron strands.

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  1. Such a delicious, cooling and flavourful Rose Thandai. I love the addition of the thandai mix definitely will make some tomorrow as i have all the ingredients.

  2. Rose thandai looks very tempting. I liked the idea of using minimal flavors of fennel so as to bring out rose flavor. I tried it today on the occasion of Holi. Loved it.

  3. Rose thandai sounds awesome. My son loves rose flavour, he will be more than happy to have this one.

  4. This Rose thandai looks so colorful and festive. I didn’t get a chance to make anything this Holi as I have under the weather. Your looks so delicious

  5. The rose thandai is certailnly cooling. As we are braving the 40 degree days currently these cooler are so welcome over any food. Love it.

  6. perfect thirst quencher for summers or anytime we feel like indulging in this ! - Kalyani


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