June 28, 2022

Paneer Tomato Grilled Sandwiches

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 Paneer Tomato grilled sandwiches are a perfect choice for packing in kids' lunch box or even for adults when you want to carry something filling at the same time  not messy to eat on the desk .

You can also serve this as an after school snack or even makes for a perfect light dinner when paired with some warm Italian style Tomato soup . (Recipe source - Priya Iyer's blog)

Paneer takes care of the protein quotient for the day and the tomatoes keep the sandwiches moist and don't let it get too dry and stuffy.  Adding some mozzarella chees gives a nice gooey and melt in mouth texture. 

I love to work with different fillings that go into the sandwich and this is yet another successful attempt as my family loved the flavor and the crisp grilled bread. 

For the spice, I have used only red chilli powder and 1 small green chilli chopped.  Some boiled corn was added for the crunch and tomatoes used were firm and deseeded to prevent the sandwiches from getting soggy .

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Preparation Time - 10 mins
Grilling Time - 3 to 4 mins per sandwich 
Complexity - simple 
Makes 3 sandwiches 


6 slices of bread 
100 gms paneer 
2 medium firm tomatoes
3/4th cup boiled sweet corn
1 tsp Chilli powder /chilli flakes
Salt as needed 
Fresh corriander chopped 
1 green chilli
Grated mozzarella cheese as needed 
Butter to apply on bread 


  • Firstly grate the paneer, crush 3 tbsp of corn kernels with green chilli in a blender and de seed the tomatoes and dice into small cubes. 
  • In a mixing bowl mix the Tomatoes, crushed corn , paneer, boiled corn ,chilli powder ,salt, chopped corriander and mix it all well . Let it rest for 5 to 10mins . Our filling is ready .
  • Donot let the filling sit for extra time because the tomatoes will release water when mixed with salt and the filling will become soggy .we don't want that 
  • Heat the grilling pan,  apply butter on one side of the bread , place some filling on it ,spread grated mozzarella cheese as per your wish ..close using the other slice of bread . 
  • Apply some butter to the grilling pan and grill the sandwich on both sides until crisp and golden brown .
  • Cut the sandwich into wedges and enjoy .
  • If packing for lunch, then place foil paper in the inside of the lunch box ,place the cut sandwiches once they have cooled down .this will prevent the sandwiches from getting soggy .

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  1. Paneer sandwiches make a filling , nutritious and delightful breakfast. Kids love to take these sandwiches in their lunch box. Your filling with sweet corns. tomatoes, paneer and cheese sounds so flavorful !

  2. That's a delicious, filling sandwich! My daughter loves paneer, and I'm sure she would love this sandwich too. 🙂

  3. I love grilled sandwiches. And its also perfect for tiffin. Loved your paneer tomato filling. Sounds absolutely delicious.

  4. I am very passionate about warm grilled sandwiches. This irresistible paneer tomato grilled sandwich is beautifully done. It has varied textures that are so important for a good sandwich. Children too would adore this sandwich.

  5. Paneer and tomato in an irresistible sandwich... and with this I have a new tiffin to pack for the minion's dabba :-) .. thanks for that - Kalyani


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