March 22, 2022

Peanut Butter Cheese Sandwich

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Does cheese and peanut butter sound like a weird combination to you ? Well,it may feel so; but peanut butter and cheese in a sandwich is a hit combo. 

The salt from the cheese and the sweetness from the peanut butter compliment each other so well that it is a heavenly experience when we take a bite . Especially when the sandwiches are grilled or toasted ,the extra crunch from the toasted bread makes it all the more delicious. 

Instead of just grilling cheese and peanut butter ,I have prepared a cheesy filling with some chopped capsicum,grated carrots, finely chopped tomatoes with some mild spices to make it healthy and sumptuous. 

These sandwiches are a perfect choice for packing in lunch boxes for school or even as a quick morning breakfast before we head out for the day .

Boiled sweet corn, grated paneer and chopped onions can also be added to the filling. 

To make it easy to spread the peanut butter ,make sure you thaw it well in advance if you have it refrigerated or use the easy spread versions of peanut butter which are now available in the market .  I recently came across a very nice brand of peanut butter that is buttery, nutty and smooth for a seamless spread on the bread slice. 

Preparation Time - 15 mins

Grilling / Roasting  Time - 3 mins per sandwich 

Complexity - simple

Makes - 3 sandwiches 


6 slices of bread (any variety that you like )
Peanut butter to spread 
Butter for roasting/Grilling 
3 cheese cubes 
1 carrot grated 
1 capsicum finely chopped 
1 tomato deseeded and finely chopped
Chilli flakes as needed 
1 tsp pepper powder
1 tbsp tomato sauce 
Finely chopped corriander 


  • In a wide mixing bowl, grate the cheese . Add all the chopped vegetables, chilli flakes , pepper powder and give it a gentle toss . Mix the tomato sauce gently . Keep it refrigerated if you are going to make it after a while or if it is too hot in your city . We don't want the cheese to melt before grilling the sandwiches. 
  • Heat up the grill pan .
  • Take a slice of bread ,spread the peanut butter on it and top it with the cheese filling.  Cover using the other slice of bread.
  • Apply some butter to the pan and roast the sandwich on both sides until crisp,golden brown and crunchy .
  • Let it cool for a minute and then slice it the way you like and serve hot !

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  1. peanut butter sandwiches and lemonade somehow remind me of Enid blyton , FAmous 5 novels we read in childhood ! these veggie loaded sandwiches look great!

  2. Priya, I've not tried peanut butter and cheese combo sandwich. Peanut butter and banana yes. Will have to give this sandwich a try. Anyway I am always looking for new recipes where I can add a variety of veggies. This peanut butter cheese sandwich will be perfect for my brunch tomorrow.

  3. namma Madam ge Peanut butter thumba ishta... Thanks for a wonderful recipe, this is very handy for school snack boxes - Kalyani

  4. Peanut butter sandwich sounds great Priya. Loved your easy and simple yet delectable recipe. I would love to try tt soon.


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